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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Patriot IS Rifle Upper fit on any AR-15 Lower?
Yes, as long as it is Mil-Spec.

Will the Patriot IS Pistol Upper fit on any AR-15 Lower?
No.  It must be fitted to a caliber specific AR-15 lower.

Does the .458 SOCOM upper use standard AR-15 mag?
Yes, but the last round will not chamber properly.  It is best to use magazines designed specifically for the AR-15 chambered in .458 SOCOM.

Can I use the suppressor on another firearm?
No.  What is unique about the Patriot Suppressor is that it is integrated into the firearm with 2 locking points to ensure it is ready to fire even if dropped.

What do I do if my suppressor ever needs to be cleaned?  Can I take it apart to clean it?
No. Attempting to take apart and service it may void the warranty.  These units are not field serviceable.  If your Patriot Suppressor needs to be cleaned, send it to our service department.  It will be reconditioned and returned to you like new.

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